Monday, February 11, 2013

Benefits of knitting. . . more than just finished projects.

As I begin the steps towards opening a yarn and wine shop, I find that it's more than just enjoying time knitting with friends (and drinking wine): knitting or craft groups are so much more than just finishing projects. These groups are therapeutic, sociable, empowering, and healthy for our mental states. Knitting and such also has the elements of meditation--there is nothing so beneficial as knitting things out--we learned this by reading our favorite novels by Maggie Sefton. Being able to knit and think and clear our minds of everything but the simplicity of knitting and purling can be just what we need to figure out a problem, solve a conflict, solidify a dream.

I feel so blessed that I have met so many wonderful men and women through fiber--the kind you knit! :o) I am so excited to see what the future has to bring me and the customers who will become kindred spirits as we knit through life.