Pattern Sharing!

Feel free to use this page to share patterns with other knitters!


RY said...

Don't forget two GREAT sites for knitting and crocheting:

Knit-Kniters! said...

Great dishcloth sites:
Martini pattern:

Nice variety for all seasons:

CUTE dog paw:

Joined Wedding Rings:

Coffee cup:

Praying hands:

Harry Potter designs:

NASCAR (just for Sherry):


LOTS of patterns:

You KNOW I'm making this one! Eiffel Tower:

OSU! (made for Ohio, but it works if you use orange!):


And, as always, go here for more!

Knit-Kniters! said...

Easy-Peasy Baby Booties--just made a pair in cashmere! My middle-schoolers loved this pattern! Easy and FAST!