Friday, February 25, 2011


I'm starting to feel like I like making up patterns! Again, just a simple coffee cup sleeve, but I really like it! CORRECTIONS MADE!! ;o) Enjoy!!


Marie C. said...

Way to go! Cup sleeves are such a great idea.

Anonymous said...

I like it. I'll post what I made most recently. I need to start looking up patterns instead of just knitting squares for no purpose.


travelgirl said...

Hi there,
Your "squared coffee sleeve" image is too small, when I download it and magnify the directions they are so fuzzy I cannot make out most of the pattern directions. Could you please email it to me and repost it not as an image? I'm a beginner knitter and this looks something fast and simple for me to try and make. I appreciate your efforts, thanks!

Knit-Kniters! said...

Sorry about that! Here you go!
5.0mm (US8) needles
Yarn: worsted weight
Cast on: 20 stitches.
1-Knit (do this for all odd-numbered rows)
2-K3 P14 K3
4-K3 P14 K3
6-K3 P14 K3
8-K3 P5 K4 P5 K3
10-K3 P5 K4 P5 K3
12-K3 P5 K4 P5 K3
14-K3 P14 K3
16-K3 P14 K3
18-K3 P5 K4 P5 K3
20-K3 P5 K4 P5 K3
22-K3 P5 K4 P5 K3
24-K3 P14 K3
26-K3 P14 K3
28-K3 P5 K4 P5 K3
30-K3 P5 K4 P5 K3
32-K3 P5 K4 P5 K3
34-K3 P14 K3
36-K3 P14 K3
38-K3 P5 K4 P5 K3
40-K3 P5 K4 P5 K3
42-K3 P5 K4 P5 K3
44-K3 P14 K3
46-K3 P14 K3
48-K3 P14 K3
49-Bind off loosely

Sew up seam and enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for reposting!