Friday, March 2, 2012

Diagonal Stripe Baby Blanket

Diagonal Baby Blanket
Using a super bulky (6) yarn and size 13 US needles, cast on five stitches. (I would try three next time as I got a weird corner and had to stitch it together—too flat and not pointy enough.)

Rows 1-5:
Odd rows: K3, YO, K to end

Even rows: K3, YO, P to end (stockinette in the body of the blanket)
Rows 6-10:

Even rows: K3, YO, P to end (this will start a stockinette stitch section going the opposite direction to give the striping effect)
Odd rows: K3, YO, K to end

Repeat these five-row sections, alternating to create striping. When you’ve reached the ½-way mark (your decision—I used one full skein of 60m length yarn and when I started the second skein, I started my decrease), begin the decreasing pattern:
Rows 1-5:

Odd rows: K2, K2tog, YO, K2tog, either K or P to end of row (depending on what section you are starting on)
Even rows: K2, K2tog, YO, K2tog, do the opposite (K or P) to end of row.

Continue until five stitches remain. To create a nice corner, when binding off, BO1, K2, BO2tog, BO to end. (to BO2tog, knit over 2 stitches to have 3 on your right-hand needle. Instead of picking up one stitch to pass over for BO, pick up both bottom stitches and pass them over, leaving one stitch on the needle. Finish binding off.)
Finish off by weaving ends and blocking.
(c) Ranada Young 2012


Anonymous said...

cant wait to try it thanks for sharing!

Gwen Hayes said...

I'm super confused. I found this on Ravelry, so sorry if I am bringing up an old post...but if you want to reverse the stripes, wouldn't rows 6-10 have to be different?
As written, all odd rows are k to end and all even rows are p to end. They don't change. 1-5 is the same as 6-10. Or am I reading it wrong?

Knit-Kniters! said...

Ahh! Yes! I think you're right! I will fix it!